Committed in Numbers

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our passionate commitment to the environment. This is why Southeastern takes a leadership role in both adopting and developing sustainable, environmentally-sound practices.

Here is a drop-by-drop look at our deep commitment to the future and to preserving our environment and its natural resources so that generation after generation can share in the quality of life we enjoy today.


In 2011 over 65% of Paper used in the US was recycled.
In 2011, nearly 53 million tons or 66.8 percent of the paper used in the United States was recovered for recycling, up from 33.5 percent in 1990. That’s about 338 pounds for every adult and child in the country.

American Forest and Paper Association
A 100 page annual report has lower carbon emissions than a single CD. CO2 emissions from making a CD are 4 times higher than from printing a 100 page, 4-color annual report. (ED #13, Balance, NewPage)      

Paper requires little or no fossil fuels for production.
Because forest products [including paper] can require little or no fossil fuels for production and store carbon throughout their useful life, they can have inherent climate change advantages over all other materials with which they compete, provided they are produced in a sustainable manner.

World Resources Institute
In Europe and the US around 60% of energy used to make paper comes from renewable resources. (Carbon and Energy Reduction, Print City, 2010)

Printing has a one-time carbon footprint, electronic devices require energy for each use.
Printing is the only medium with a one-time carbon footprint-all other media require energy every time they are viewed. (2010 Print City report on Carbon and Energy)

Four million trees are planted every day in the US
According to the USDA Forest Service, four million trees are planted every day in the United States. Of this amount, the wood and paper products industry plants on average 1.7 million trees daily,1 excluding millions of additional seedlings regenerated naturally 2. (1 Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Program, 2  Forest Products Association of Canada)

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