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It’s both a commitment and a promise. We like to think of it as an investment in the future. Southeastern is proud of the leadership role we have taken in developing ecologically-sound processes for both ourselves and our industry.

Not only are we building a brighter future, but we’re helping our clients to do the same, one printed piece at a time.



Our commitment begins with our ink. Southeastern uses a completely alcohol-free process, with soy vegetable-based inks that have extremely low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) ratings. Rated at just a fraction of a percent for VOC emissions, these soy vegetable-based inks are far more environmentally sound than conventional petroleum-based sheet-fed commercial inks which have VOC levels of around 25-35%.

Not only do these eco-friendly inks perform exceptionally well, but in many cases they outperform traditional ink formulas, offering bright, vivid colors without sacrifice to our environment.

All of our inks are portioned by a computer-controlled mixing system that eliminates waste, utilizing virtually every drop of ink in the biodegradable ink containers.

Finally, Southeastern’s Solvent Recovery System enables 90% of our chemical solvents to be re-used. But even more importantly, 100% of all our used solvents are reclaimed through this system, meaning that we keep the ecosystem free of chemical waste.



Southeastern also takes a leadership role in our use of paper for the printing process. Not only do we recycle 100% of all our waste trimmings, but we are also one of only a small percentage of printers in the state of Florida to attain Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) Certification.

Our commitment begins with using papers that come from FSC-certified paper mills. Not only are these paper companies dedicated to maintaining and replanting forests tree-for-tree, but they also happen to be producers of finer-quality paper stock as well. Just like Southeastern’s dedication to the environment is an extension of our standards for delivering the highest quality printing and customer service, so too do our paper suppliers equate ecological responsibility with exquisite quality.

It is a common misconception that printing has a negative effect on the environment. On the contrary, the print industry is one of the primary drivers of sustainability initiatives and recycling technologies. For such effective and enduring communications media, there is really no equal.

Consider these facts:

  • In 2011 over 65% of Paper used in the US was recycled.
  • Paper requires little or no fossil fuels for production.
  • A 100 page annual report has lower carbon emissions than a single CD.
  • 60% of energy used to make paper is from renewable sources.
  • Four million trees are planted every day in the US.

So rather than harming the environment, responsible companies like Southeastern actually help promote forest growth and ecologically sound initiatives. By taking a leadership role, we encourage others within our industry to follow.



Southeastern’s commitment to the environment doesn’t end with just ink and paper choices. In fact, we evaluate all of our practices company-wide to continuously find innovative ways to reduce our footprint and improve our contribution to a healthier ecology.

As a result, we were among the first printers regionally to adopt a paperless quoting and proofing system. This not only cuts down on paper usage, but also reduces carbon emissions from extra pick-up and deliveries.

Some of our other groundbreaking environmental processes include:

  • Computer-to-plate digital image transfer, eliminating the use of film and the chemicals and metal bi-products used in film processing.
  • Recycling of our printing plates.
  • Automatic power-down “sleep mode” for all presses and computer equipment when idle results in significant energy conservation.
  • Use of virtual web servers for reduced energy consumption.
  • Scrap paper management and recycling program.
  • Environmental Benefits Statement, a report to our clients that allows each one to recognize the ecological value of the services Southeastern provides specifically to their business.
  • Overall waste reduction and carbon footprint reduction through individual efforts.
  • Employee education program.

Southeastern is also in the process of adopting more automated processes which improves both production and energy efficiency.

And our commitment goes well beyond our operations. Our employees have adopted a local roadway, and engage in volunteer clean up efforts during their own time.

Our green practices and processes have achieved recognition with numerous awards, including the 2012 “Environmental Stewardship Business Award from “Keep Martin Beautiful.” Other awards include the 2011 “Governor’s Green to Gold Award” and Florida Power & Light’s “Energy Savvy Award” in 2010 for our demonstration of leadership in industry energy efficiency.

At Southeastern, conservation is not just a buzzword. It’s a way of life.

Our Work

The truth is that Southeastern’s Green Ink® processes look as good or better than traditional printing. There’s really no way for your audience to know, unless you want to tell them. That’s why Southeastern has developed a special Green Ink® seal. So you can let the world know that you chose responsible, industry-leading environmentally-sound processes to create your printed materials.

It will make you look good, and making you look good is what Southeastern is all about.

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