Soccer Stars App Evaluation: A Soccer Game That Is More Like Air Hockey

Soccer Stars App Evaluation: A Soccer Game That Is More Like Air Hockey

The perfect second to launch games is that if they tie in with an enormous event, corresponding to the discharge of a film (particularly with licensed games) or a huge sports event. Some games really don’t want the push of a big event like this, while others merely use it as a push to get more individuals playing their game idea by sticking a specific skin on it. The latter is for my part additionally the case with soccer stars all in 20m Stars by This game, developed for each iPad and iPhone brings a simple game idea to your system, and sticks a nice polished layer of football (soccer) over the top. The app is free to play and weighs in at just below 35 MB.

The gameplay of the game is extraordinarily easy, especially when you have performed games like Indignant Birds or anything similar. If you have performed air hockey, the game will even play to your advantage. Basically, the ball is now the puck and every player has five paddles on the pitch. Each turn, as the game is turn based mostly, you get to launch one of your paddles towards the football, or to put them tactically. AS quickly as the ball falls into your purpose, the opponent scores and vice versa. This sounds simple, but as there are so many paddles on the pitch, and the physics of the game are quite good, you will by no means guess where the ball turn up next! You merely transfer the direction of your puck with one finger, while with the second finger you can adjust the strength of your shot.

he graphics of the game are quite primary, as the pucks will merely have the flag of your chosen nation on them. There may be nothing more to it, however all of the menus are properly-designed and straightforward to use. They look great too, however don’t count on the second coming with the design of this game. The sound of the game is also respectable, however once more nothing new either. All in all this can be a game that doesn’t do a lot new, besides sticking this gameplay form in a football coating. The net modes are nice though, and can add a ton of replayability to the game.

I really enjoyed taking part in Soccer Stars whereas watching just a few matches of the World Cup final night, however I did get bored fairly quickly. The online modes are improbable to play, but do nothing new compared to different comparable games on the App Store. The graphics and the sound are respectable, however nothing more. All and all I’d call this a mediocre game with nothing new added. The app is designed for each iPad and iPhone.

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